The fastest and the most effective method for scrubbing concrete floors

Concrete or concrete floors are easy to clean and can be found inside or outside the home. One of the main advantages of concrete floors is lacking grout, as it does with the tiles. However, in some cases, cement floors can be porous and uneven, which makes the cleaning of these areas difficult. With proper maintenance, scrubbing a concrete floor can be quick and effective.

You need:
– a mop
– water
– a bucket
– dishwasher detergent

– Prepare a solution with a dishwasher detergent part and two parts of water in a beaker. Shake the solution with mop to foam.

– Look at the layout of the room or area to be cleaned. If possible, remove from the room the furniture, toys and other objects. Otherwise, collect all items in the same place.

– Dip the mop in the soapy mixture and pass along the cement floor starting from a room corner. Follow the same pattern throughout the room, focusing on heavily soiled areas. Follow wiping movements back and forth to scrub the entire room. Be sure to scrub in a pattern that allows you to keep off the wet parts of the floor.

– Allow to dry by exposure to air. Replace the furniture in its place.

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