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DIY: The Best Non-Toxic Window Cleaner

I am always trying different recipes to make an ideal homemade windows cleaner. Well, I finally made a break and find out the best one yet. This would be an all natural and non-toxic homemade glass cleaner which contains only two unexpected ingredients. They might sound weird but they actually clean amazingly well. For a long time, plain white vinegar …

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How To Strip The Old Paint Layer Off Wooden Furniture

Sometimes, you need to clean up your old furniture, restoring its aspect. Thus, you would need to get rid of that old paint layer which is not easy since we are talking about wood. However, in my opinion, I think that the old paint layer can be removed. Thus, stay with us and keep reading because it is an interesting …

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How To Paint The Walls In 4 Steps To Avoid Intensive Cleaning Afterwards

Wall painting may seem a difficult task, reserved only for professionals. But with a little care and patience, you can accomplish this without additional costs and lost time. Take care of the products you use, which must be of high quality. Also, before painting, clean the room well and cover the furniture and the flooring.   Things You Need: – …

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11 Hotel Housekeeping Tricks To Do A Complete Christmas Cleaning

Because the Christmas holidays are coming soon and you definitely have to do a complete cleaning, use the tricks of the hotel maids to ease your work. The hotel maids know a lot of cleaning tricks, and I will reveal them to you too. By the nature of their job, maids are struggling with all sorts of situations where a …

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How to Clean Your Kitchen Cabinets With Homemade Solutions

Kitchen furniture is dirty easily because of traces of fat, oil spills, and food scraps. When cleaning the kitchen, it is good to clean the furniture as well, so the stains will not be difficult to remove. To clean and maintain the kitchen furniture properly, you must keep in mind the material it is made of. You can use products …

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Top 10 Methods To Get Rid Of Smoke Odor From Your Home & Car

Are you a smoker? Do you try to get rid of the smoke smell and don’t matter how much you ventilate the rooms or your car, does the smell of tobacco still persists? The smell of cigarettes can be one of the most persistent smells in the house. The smoke is getting not only in carpets, curtains but also in …

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