Super Easy Ways To Get Rid Of Crickets From Your House

You might be annoyed seeing crickets inside your house, creeping over the wall. Well, in small numbers, they are quite harmless. They prefer cool and dark places to hide. However, you must take steps to save your paper, silk, woolens, furniture, and walls from their attack. Catching them, killing them or disinfecting the house are three possible solutions that might occur to you, in order to chuck out these pests. Read this article to know some more useful natural solutions to get rid of crickets from your house.

1. Molasses

Place some molasses in a large bowl. Fill the remaining bowl with water. Crickets will jump in the bowl when they smell molasses. Replace the contents of the bowl frequently.

2. Set Traps

Place traps around the problematic areas like walls, doors or windows. Crickets are more attracted to hot and moist areas, so place the traps around such areas.

Pitfall trap is one such trap that has a hole or pit with a slippery edge. The pit is filled with soapy water to kill these pest insects.

3. Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum the room by making use of high-efficiency particulate air. These high-powered machines will pull off the eggs from carpets or the areas wherever they have been laid.

4. Seal any holes

Seal the tiny crevices with cement or plaster. This way, the crickets won’t creep inside them. Also, use weather stripping and door sweeps for floors. For windows, caulk and screen patches are recommended.

5. Throw Out the Trash

Crickets are attracted by the smell of trash. Thus, it must be disposed properly from time to time. Also, the bin must be kept covered always.

6. Remove Bright Lights

Crickets are fascinated by bright lights. Therefore, refrain from using LED lights in your house.

7. Allow Predators in Home

Lizards and spiders thrive on crickets. Thus, they can keep a check on the cricket population.

8. Soap Water

Fill a spray bottle with soapy water and spray it around your house. It will penetrate the crickets’ skin and cause irritation, thus repel them.

9. Homemade Spray

Mix a half-cup of red chili, red chili powder in 2 cups of water. Strain the liquid, and dilute it with 2 cups of water. Use it to spray over the plants and insects.

10. Diatomaceous Earth

Make use of diatomaceous earth (food-grade) to drive out crickets.

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