Step-By-Step Guide To Get Rid Of Pantry Moths In Your House

Because the summertime is here, then you probably are facing the problem of pantry moths in your house. I know that for a fact because everytime the temperatures shift, here they are. It is a constant issue if you face it in a heavier infestation. Well, I wanted to put a stop to it so I tried to find effective methods to get rid of them but also prevent them from coming back. This is what this article is about so keep reading if you need to eradicate these pantry moths. Let me walk you through a step-by-step guide to get rid of pantry moths in your house once and for all.

Hands down, this might be the hardest work I’ve done but I was determined to get my kitchen cleaner than ever.

Here you have them, the step-by-step instructions:

1. First off, you will need to empty out your pantry. So, take out each and every item in your cupboards completely. You want to start by seeing the whole picture.

2. Now, this might be quite radical, but you also need to throw off your food. Use a huge trash back and throw off anything that resembles old food and the canned food. I know what you might think, but these pantry moths can hide wherever without you seeing them.

I would recommend you use a big trash bag so you can take it out of your house, not just throw everything in the garbage can from your kitchen. That way, you will dispose of everything the pests might’ve been attached to.

However, if you think there is something that you should save, try putting the food in the freezer. If there are food items you can’t bear to dispose of, put them in your freezer. This will also kill them but I don’t think it is the most effective. Thus, proceed as you see fit.

3. The next step would be the cleaning part. Now you will clean your pantry as never before. Start with vacuuming any debris left. The, using a damp cloth, soak in soapy water and start wiping down every inch of your pantry.

While you are doing this, make sure to also check out the shelves. These little invaders might hide in there so take them out and seize the situation. Then, proceed with the cleaning on the shelves too.

Now, if your pantry doesn’t have detachable shelves, soak your cloth in more soapy water and squeeze the solution right in between the shelves and the wall. To make sure you get it completely clean, you can repeat this step several times and then let it to completely and thoroughly dry. The wet environment is their favorite so make sure everything is dry before proceeding further. Also, do not forget about your cabinet door hinges and your door jambs. You can never be too sure.

4. It is time to also mop the floors and your countertops thoroughly.

5. After cleaning, it comes you fighting natural weapons. For pantry moths, the most effective are borax and food-grade diatomaceous earth. Thus, sprinkle a fine amount of one or both of them on your empty shelves and pantry. Make sure to focus mostly on the nooks and crannies.

6. The next step would be waiting. That’s right, you’re almost done with the work because now you need to let the pantry empty for a minimum of one week. That way, any larvae that managed to survive will starve out and die.

7. Then, you need to clean the pantry again to make it completely safe for storage.

8. Now that you manage to do this complete work, you should also know how to avoid a reinfestation! Thus, be very careful especially with the pet food and bin-type foods. So you can make sure these won’t cause any harm to your pantry, you should try freezing them before storage. These are mostly the items pantry moths are attracted to. Thus, be vigilant and keep your pantry moths-free.

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