How to Restore Hardwood Floors Without Polishing

Parquet flooring has been noted over the years both in terms of beauty and design, not to mention the practical aspect.

Parquet flooring can last for decades, but it needs a little restoration from time to time, a process that you can do it by yourself without investing much time and money. The method we propose today restores the hardwood floors without polishing, which is quite an expensive process.

Some expenses should be made only in special cases when the flooring has endured serious damage like strong deformations or has absorbed water, changing its shape.

Varnish, lute and grout

It’s about creating a protective layer using a particular varnish. There are several types of varnish for parquet. The alkyd varnish it’s not expensive, it dries quickly, but its validity period doesn’t exceed 10 years, which will require new proceedings for restoration.
But epoxy varnish and acrylic varnish will last up to 50 years! But if you choose this product, we recommend using protective masks. After applying, these types of varnish have low toxicity level, and the drying process will last 24 hours.
A small drawback here is that the color changes its shade a little, especially if the surface is exposed to sunlight.

Flooring can be repaired easily by using means that most people have at hand. For example, you can attach sanding strips to your slippers and you can polish the flooring surface just by using your feet.
Put some ice cubes in a plastic bag and place it over the chewing gum that got stuck on your parquet.
Small scratches and cracks can be repaired with a special lute, which is then coated with varnish.


This is probably the most unpleasant defect of your hardwood flooring. The cause can be trivial: excessive use. The first thing you have to do in this case would be the to test the humidity level in the room. If the level exceeds 60%, then there is nothing you can do. The optimal humidity is 40%.


This is perhaps the most serious problem and can be solved only in some cases, depending on the water volume that reached inside the floor.
Use the hair dryer and dry the swollen area up to 90 minutes. Immediately after that, when the flooring is still hot, cover it with a piece of cloth and place a weight of about 10 kg / dm²over.
Keep in mind that this method is effective only when applied immediately after the liquid penetrates the flooring. 7-10 days after the incident, fungi and mold are already forming there.

Parquet flooring proper care

Proper and regular hardwood flooring care will help prevent any of these problems. Note down the 3 greatest enemies of parquet flooring: too high or too low humidity, direct exposure to sunlight and sand.

Do your best and try to protect your parquet flooring of these factors! Don’t forget to share this info if you find it useful for others!

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