Powerful DIY Powdered Dishwasher Detergent

If you have a dishwasher, using a homemade dishwasher detergent is ideal, especially if it is natural too. I started making mine a while ago and never looked back. It is easy and quite inexpensive, you’ll see. Keep reading and see how to make your own DIY natural powdered dishwasher detergent.

Furthermore, this powdered dishwasher detergent works extremely well if you have issues with the hard water. I also tried it and I can see it also works if you’re using it as a scouring powder! All you would have to do is sprinkling the kitchen sink and scrub with a sponge. Sounds easy enough, am I right?

Thus, without further ado, let’s see how to make your own homemade dishwasher detergent that smells insanely good!

Here are the ingredients you would need for this recipe to work:

– 2 cups of baking soda
– 1/2 cup of washing soda
– 1 cup of borax
– 1/4 cup of kosher salt
– 1/4 cup of citric acid
– and 15 drops of lemon essential oil

Now, all you have to do is to combine all these ingredients and then store them in an airtight container. I love to use a glass container for this one so I can make sure it is stored properly.

One tip when using this would be to throw a leftover silica gel in the dishwasher container along with the detergent. That way, you will prevent your dishwasher from clumping!

Also, you could add 1-2 tablespoons from this powder along with a splash of white vinegar. I noticed that this vinegar made my glasses shine like nothing else. Furthermore, vinegar is also a great rinse agent and it will prevent spots from showing up on your dishes and glasses. Thus, you can add a small cup of white vinegar.

These ingredients are perfect because the washing soda, the baking soda, and the borax are all natural disinfectants. Also, they will act as a mild abrasive when combined. The lemon essential oil and the citric acid will give you the smell I was telling you about! And, finally, the kosher salt will fight the hard water, making your dishes and glasses sparkle!

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