On-A-Budget 5 Simple Hacks To Clean White Sneakers In Minutes

My favorite Converses are the ones on white and red. Classic never goes out of style…but dirt is not very fashionable, and the white rubber around the sneakers gets dirty in minutes and I’m cleaning it after each wear.
Since that rubber seems not to be made only from rubber, you should know there are few tricks that can easily bring back white to your Converse.

I created a list with all of the tricks you can use to clean the rubber band of all Converse sneakers, and as far as it concerns white Converse, I have a special trick to clean them easily.

1. Micellar water

Apply on a cotton pad some Micellar water and start rubbing the rubber side of sneakers. Any trace of dirt will easily come of them, without using any harsh rubbing.

2. Generic baby wipes

A much cheaper way to clean the sneakers: baby wipes. They are incredible effective but you have to rub a bit rougher if you want to remove dirt stains. Although, baby wipes won’t be effective if you want to get rid of grass stains.

3. Hand sanitizer

It has a considerable amount of alcohol that’s why using hand sanitizer for sneaker cleaning will work amazing. So, pour some hand sanitizer on a cotton pad or cloth and begin the cleaning process.

4. Mr. Clean Magic eraser

It works wonder. Rubber on rubber is the best way to remove any trace of grass from your sneakers. But, after using this trick it’s advisable to wipe the sneakers again with baby wipes or Micellar water.

5. Whitening toothpaste

This is really the most effective from all the above, but is also a bit expensive and you can’t use it every time you want the sneakers, especially that they get dirty after the first use. Put a small amount on a damp toothbrush and start rubbing each inch from the rubber band of your sneakers.

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