No-Scrub Method To Clean The Inside Of A Slow Cooker

I use the slow cooker every time I want to prepare the meal, and I can honestly tell you that it replaces my right hand. It’s so pitiful that these cooking machines won’t clean themselves, because, the other days, while I was preparing some tasty lasagna in the slow cooker, I realized that I never cleaned the interior of this cooking pot.
So, after dinner, I begin the cleaning process of the slow cooker with some of my magic cleaning tricks. The best thing is you don’t need to purchase anything because you already have these magical products in your house.

But, just for the record, you should know that before getting started note that all slow cookers are not the same. They are made of a variety of materials that require different cleaning process, and it’s advisable to read the instructions in the manual.

You need:

– ammonia
– small glass bowl

Cleaning process:

First remove the crock liner, and then fill the small glass bowl with ammonia and place it inside of the slow cooker. Place the lid on the cooker and watch T.V.

That’s all! 

You don’t need to scrub or rub the slow cooker, because the ammonia fumes will do all the work for you.
At the end, just wipe off all the burn mess inside using a paper towel.

P.S. – vinegar will work as well as ammonia, so you can easily use it if you are out of ammonia in your pantry.

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