I Do Believe In Magic: Complete Guideline Of Most Amazing Magic Eraser Cleaning Hacks

One of the best cleaning products that you can find on the market is Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, which has a lot of different uses when it comes to household cleaning. This magic eraser can easily make stains disappear, along with dirt and grime.

Magic erasers are made from melamine foam which is combined with other chemicals that acts like sand paper, removing all dirt particles and stains from any surface.
Although, there were a lot of argues about the toxicity of these magic erasers, but against all that, magic erasers are used by most of Americans due to its powerful stains remover capacity.

I’m not trying to convince you about this, but I’ve been using magic eraser for years, and nothing ever happened to me or my family. The powerful effects of Mr. Clean Magic Eraser are seen on my baseboards, walls, flooring, door handles, and so on. Basically, you can clean almost everything with them, and the costs are around $0.20 per eraser.

So, instead ruining your health and energy by scrubbing rough any type of stain, you better save some energy for your kids and use magic erasers whenever you do the cleaning.

1. Clean the baseboards

Remove and protect baseboards from dust by lightly wetting the magic eraser and wipe. Then dry the baseboards with a towel and use dryer sheets to repeal future dust.

2. Clean glass stove top

For a spotless glass stovetop just use magic eraser. After spraying the glass surface with Awesome cleaning spray, take the magic eraser and scrub the entire surface of stovetop. At the end, wipe gently with a cloth soaked in vinegar and wipe again using paper towels.

3. Clean the sticky and dirty keyboard

If you are using daily a laptop or desktop, I advise you to take a careful look at your keyboard. You’ll see some sticky grime on the keys and around them, and with the help of Magic Eraser you’ll remove any trace of grim from it. The same thing you can do with your mouse.

4. Remove grease stains on dishes

Dealing with baked on grease stains on glass dishes? In less than 30 seconds you’ll leave your plates spotless if you use some elbow grease and the powerful rub of magical eraser.

5. Clean that tarnished silver

Silver can get blackened over time, but the tarnished look can be easily removed from any silver object with the help of Magic Eraser.

6. Burnt iron soleplate

This one is my favorite! It often happens to change the program of my iron, and a sticky burnt nylon gets on the iron’s soleplate. I can’t say that the garment is completely ruined, but the soleplate will ruin other clothes if it’s not clean.
So, run the heat iron over the magic eraser and the burnt and grime will be gone quickly.

7. Sparkling bathtub

Stains such as mildew, mold and soap scum, sometimes even rust are just a bad dream with the help of Magic Eraser and Ajax soap. Besides removing these stains, your bathtub will look sparkling clean.

8. Remove oil build up from hair straightener and curling irons

After few uses, the flat and curling iron will get a nasty brownish build up that can easily be removed with the magic eraser. So, heat them a bit and start rubbing the grime with the eraser and you’ll see how easily they are removed.

9. Clean the fridge

Better said, clean the fridge handles. In a kitchen the fridge handles are the most touched item, and they get dirty and sticky after each cooking. Just give them a nice rub with the Magic Eraser and all that neglected dirt will be gone in seconds.

10. Clean the oven glass

I love removing any grease stain with the magic eraser, because grease is the hardest thing to remove when it comes to cleaning. The oven glass is kinda hard to clean, but with the help of a baking soda and vinegar paste and the use of magic eraser, you’ll have a sparkling clean oven.

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