How To Unclog The Kitchen Sink With No Nasty Chemicals

It doesn’t matter how simple, large or sophisticated your kitchen is. The sink still gets clogged from time to time. How does the kitchen sink clog? Well, we have some good and simple tips, efficient and practical. They are also easy to apply and risk-free for the integrity of the pipes and the installation in general. Thus, keep reading this article and find out how to unclog the kitchen sink with no nasty chemicals. We know those are bad, so get more safe solutions here!

As a preventative measure, so you won’t get headaches or complications, you must use a drain filter that will not allow debris to pass and deposit into the drainpipe. This is one of the best work you will do to your kitchen sink.

The filter can be washed at the end of each day and it will relieve you of a lot of trouble.

The filter, however, cannot stop the debris which is the main cause of a clogged sink in the kitchen. In the same manner, soap and hair are the main cause of the sink in the bathroom. Seems legit, right?

Now, the biggest question of all: How To Unclog The Kitchen Sink?

Well, let’s see some effective methods that don’t involve nasty chemicals:

1. Once a week, you should pour hot water into the sink. The water should be somewhere up to 90 degrees Celsius. In the boiling water, you can add vinegar, lemon juice (a few spoons) or you can use it simply.

2. The unpleasant smell that comes out of the kitchen sink can also be eliminated with hot water. You could also add a little liquid detergent you use for dishes. This constantly applied method keeps you away from clogged sinks.

However, there are also good solutions that you can use if you have to unclog your kitchen sink even more efficiently.

3. A traditional method will be the use of sodium bicarbonate.

Pour one tablespoon of sodium bicarbonate into the drain hole, then 2-4 tablespoons of vinegar and let the mixture work. This natural substance is a good solution if you have to unclog the sink. After 30-40 minutes, pour two liters of boiling water. Most of the time, the sink is perfectly unclogging without affecting the pipes and it will smell nice. That’s a nice bonus, isn’t it?

4. Another solution is a brine made of 2 liters of boiling water and 5 tablespoons of salt. The hot solution is poured directly into the sink and helps to remove grease deposits. This natural solution is also ideal for removing all the unpleasant smells from the sinking sinks.

5. You can also unclog the sink with one of the most popular mixtures.

You can make a solution even more effective by adding a little bit of bicarbonate (two teaspoons) and a spoon, two of vinegar. Pour the mixture and let the combination help unclog the sink. After an hour, pour the boiling water and everything is ready!

6. The classic pump

It requires a bit more work but still, it is more effective and safe than any chemicals. This is very useful and can help you to unclog the sink. You could combine its mechanical action with salt water or just hot water. The pump, operated with short but very fast movements, makes the dirt disintegrate.

As a conclusion, if these natural solutions do not work, you should consider checking your kitchen structure to see if the problem does not come from internal damage. And more importantly, please, don’t give up! Do not use nasty chemicals. You need to know that they are attacking the installations. Even more, used excessively, chemicals can erode the installations before its time.

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