How to remove stains from marble tile floor

Marble tile floors require a soft care to maintain its soft and luxurious appearance. The abrasive cleaners or acids may scratch the marble, leaving opaque light colored marks on the surface. Dust off and clean with soapy water or a stone cleaner to prevent dirt and dust from accumulating. If you used improper cleaning methods or minor marks left on your marble tile floor, you can restore your appearance without consulting a professional.

You need:
– mop
– soft cloths
– marble polishing powder
– low speed drill
– polishing pad
– towel


Remove excess dirt or dust from the marble floor with a dry mop.

Moisten the shaded areas with a clean, damp cloth.

Sprinkle a generous amount of polishing powder in striped marble tiles.

Place a soft polishing pad on a low speed drill and polish any brand of striped marble tiles. If you prefer to polish the surface by hand, rub the areas recorded with a damp cloth using small circular motions.

Clean any excess powder polish with a clean cloth, damp and dry the marble floor immediately with a towel. If there is any brand, repeat the polishing process again. Consult a professional if the marks remain after you’ve polished the floors twice.

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