How To Remove Rust, Limescale And Soap Scum From Bathtub In Minutes

Hey! Are you dealing with hard water stains and soap scum on your bathtub? This sounds like an A.S.A.P. cleaning solution! We all know that the acid found in vinegar and lemon is the best lime scale and soap scum dissolvent, but these solutions are a bit overrated, since I discovered the same effects in grapefruit, only that this fruit will leave a pleasant fragrance behind.

So, if you want to quit the pungent smell of vinegar when cleaning the bathroom, you may wisely replace it with grapefruit.

And as a bonus tip, it can remove the rust from a cast iron bathtub in minutes.

You need:

– 1 large grapefruit
– 1/4 cup of coarse salt

How to proceed with the cleaning process:

  • Well, take the grapefruit and cut it in half. It will be enough to clean the entire bath not only the calcareous and rusty tub.
  • Then, sprinkle plenty of coarse salt over one half, rinse the bathtub with cold water, and start the scrubbing process.
  • Rub each inch of the bathtub, including the faucet and shower head. If there is no more salt on the grapefruit, sprinkle another layer.
  • Now, move on with sink cleaning, and change the grapefruit half.
  • At the end, rinse the grapefruit pulp off the faucets and bathtub, and your bathroom sanitary ware will be incredible sparkling.
  • I know that grapefruits are a bit more expensive than lemons or vinegar, but the fragrance they leave behind it’s worth every penny.

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