How To Remove Nail Polish Stains From Clothes, Carpets & Upholstery

Inevitably, when you do your nail polish, drops of it can get on your clothes, on the sofa or on the carpet. Such an incident could spoil you not just the manicure in an attempt to quickly remove the stain, but also the day, thinking that what you broke could not be repaired. The good news is that no matter how bad things seem to be, in reality, the situation is far from serious, as there are natural solutions available to remove these stains. So keep on reading and find out the best methods to remove nail polish stains from clothes, carpets, and upholstery.

1. Nail polish on clothes

Before proceeding with the procedure, check the label to find out whether the stained clothing item contains acetate or triacetate. In this case, it is not recommended to follow this procedure because acetone can burn the fabric. It is also not recommended for those on the label of “dry cleaning”. There is a chance that the stains will look worse.

Try to remove the excess of the nail polish from the clothes as soon as it has shed and the stain is still fresh. Use a paper towel and soak it in acetone.

Put the material on a flat surface and put the kitchen towel on it. The nail polish in the material will begin transferring to the paper towel. Remove the towel and put another one in place until the whole nail polish has been transferred to the paper towel.

Then wash the garment and rinse it with cold water.

2. Nail polish on the carpet

The drops on the carpet are a well-known fact. When the nail polish has stained the carpet, try to remove the surplus with a sharp object, such as a knife or a sheet of paper. Immerse in an acetone a Q-Tip and apply it to the stain on the carpet. Repeat the operation until the ointment begins to print on it.

If you do not notice too big differences, let the surface dry out and use hydrogen peroxide. Make sure you do not overwhelm the area, but swab with a cloth embedded in oxygenated water.

3. Nail polish on the upholstery

If the stain is fresh, remove the excess from the upholstery using a paper towel or a soft cotton cloth. Do not rub, as the color will penetrate into the depth of fabric.

Take a test on a piece of material from a less visible spot to see how it reacts to acetone.

Soften a paper towel in acetone and leave it on the spot. Do not pour acetone directly onto the upholstery, as the nail polish could scatter even further into the material. Best, it dampens the dirty spot. After that, with a soft cloth soaked in a little liquid soap, try to remove acetone and nail polish debris from the upholstery.

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