How To Remove Dust And Dirt From Baseboards

Who said that cleaning in your day off is fun? Nobody ever! Although, sometimes, doing certain household chores can be lots of fun, such as doing the laundry or cleaning the baseboards. Honestly, I often forget cleaning the baseboards, because, whenever I do the cleaning is on fast-forward and it happens to skip over this tiny detail. Over time, the baseboards catch a dust film on them which is kinda hard to be removed, but using my below suggestions you’ll succeed cleaning them effortlessly.

I can admit that this is not the most challenging cleaning chore that exists, but if you skip cleaning the baseboard like I did, they will be seen pretty soon.

So, arm yourself with the next materials and tools, and start the baseboard cleaning process:

– vacuum
– sponge
– dish soap or vinegar
– cotton swabs
– dryer sheets

First of all, you have to attach the brush or duster to the vacuum cleaner, and then begin the cleaning process by removing as much dust and dirt as you can from the area.

After completing this step, prepare a mixture of warm water and dish soap (vinegar), dip a sponge into the mixture and start scrubbing the baseboards. Kitchen baseboards are more prone to sticky dust due to grease vapors which are eliminated after cooking.

Baseboards have some hard-to-reach areas, but the dust and dirt can be easily removed using a cotton swab dipped in the dish soap solution.

At the end, you can rub the baseboards with a dryer sheet to protect them for a period of time from dust and dirt.

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