How To Paint The Walls In 4 Steps To Avoid Intensive Cleaning Afterwards

Wall painting may seem a difficult task, reserved only for professionals. But with a little care and patience, you can accomplish this without additional costs and lost time. Take care of the products you use, which must be of high quality. Also, before painting, clean the room well and cover the furniture and the flooring.
Things You Need:

– dry carpets
– tape
– brushes for painting
– roller
– paint tray
– ladder
– paint

How to paint correctly

Step 1: Prepare the house

Before painting a wall or a whole room it is advisable to prepare that room. Move and cover the furniture and the floor. Cover the walls you do not paint with an adhesive tape. But be careful what kind of adhesive tape you choose, because certain varieties can destroy the walls or floors.

Step 2: Paint the corners with the brush

Pay special attention to the corners and margins of the walls. Use a small brush that you do not load too much with paint. With this brush, you can also paint a part of the wall, avoiding overloading it with paint. In this way, you will well cover the places where you can not reach with the brush or with the paint roller.

Step 3: Use the large surface paint roller

After you’ve finished painting the corners of the walls, it’s time to focus your attention on the rest of the work. To paint the walls you can use a roller. Be careful not to overload the paint roller, as stripes and stains will form. Cover the paintwork completely with the paint and drain it well before applying it to the wall. Be careful not to drop paint drops.

Another way to avoid stripping when the painting is to apply the paint in the right direction. Right-hand painting from top to bottom may seem the ideal way, but in this way lines and streaks can appear on the walls. It is best to paint the walls in zigzag.

Apply roller shutter to a large portion of the wall, applying the paint to the letter “M”. Paint it in this style until it covers the entire wall, from the ceiling to the floor.

Then move to another wall section and paint it in the same style until it’s covered. Also, take care of the excess paint.

Step 4: Cover the difficult spaces

For difficult areas of painting, it is advisable to use the same paint application technique. Also, make sure the brush is not loaded with paint. It is advisable to drain it well before applying the paint to the wall or space. Then apply the paint through zigzag movements.

In the same way, you can apply the paint to the spaces where the paint already exists. Be careful to clean and degrease these spaces thoroughly before applying the paint.

A normal size room can be painted in 4-5 hours. You also have to spend a few hours cleaning the room and paint in difficult spaces such as windows, doors or corners.

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