How to get rid of moths with natural solutions

Moths are small butterflies whose larvae attack clothes made of wool and fur, silk carpets and furnishings such as sofas and armchairs. There are also the food moths that grow in products improperly stored such as flour, cornmeal, sugar, rice, pasta or nuts. We all know how to get rid of moths by using naphthalene, sprays or pills, but there are also a few effective natural solutions, cheaper and available to everyone.

How to get rid of moths using herbs
Herbs are extremely effective in combating moths. Whether we talk about cloves, rosemary, thyme or mint, they are completely non-toxic compared to commercial products, and their aroma is pleasant, making a strong competition with naphthalene odor.
Take a few pieces of cloth and place a pile of cloves or rosemary leaves, thyme or mint in the middle of each, then put together all corners to form a little bag, and bind it with a string. These bags are placed among clothes. Change them monthly because the plants lose their strong flavor after 30 days.

How to get rid of moths using cedar wood
Cedar has a very pleasant smell, not as strong as that of herbs, but equally effective against moths. It can be purchased in balls or rings form, and to reactivate the scent they don’t need being replaced, but only polished regularly.

How to get rid of moths using essential oil: pour a few oil drops on a cotton swab or a cotton pad and grease your shelves, your doors and inside the wardrobes.

We can get rid of moths and using newspapers too. These insects can not stand the strong smell of ink, so to get rid of them is enough to introduce newspaper pages through your clothes. They need to be changed a few days after because the specific odor disappears quickly.

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