How to Clean Your Kitchen Cabinets With Homemade Solutions

Kitchen furniture is dirty easily because of traces of fat, oil spills, and food scraps. When cleaning the kitchen, it is good to clean the furniture as well, so the stains will not be difficult to remove. To clean and maintain the kitchen furniture properly, you must keep in mind the material it is made of. You can use products available on the market or you can use homemade cleaning solutions which are by far the safest solutions. Keep reading.

1. Homemade solutions

Lemon juice is a natural disinfectant and antiseptic, capable of destroying bacteria, viruses and other germs. Although not as effective in cleaning as sodium bicarbonate, lemon juice can be used for the degreasing of the surfaces. The peel of the fruit is harmless to animals and children.

Use a lightweight detergent, in combination with water, to clean the buffet. Dilute some detergent or liquid soap into two parts of warm water and wipe the surfaces with a sponge.

Vinegar is always a useful ingredient in the kitchen, even for cleaning. Prepare a solution where you put half a vinegar, half water, to remove the stains and debris gathered on the furniture surface. Vinegar can also be combined with olive oil (a vinegar part, some oil), squeezing the cloth and cleaning the kitchen furniture (wood).

2. How to clean the LDF kitchen furniture

The LDF kitchen furniture must be protected from moisture, as the boards may swell. Kitchen furniture can be carefully removed with a cloth that you put a little liquid detergent. Otherwise, the furniture is cleaned with a dry cloth and with special scrub cleaners. Another cleaning solution can be obtained from hot beer. The chef’s kitchen can also be wiped off with glassware. Alcohol-based bleaches and solutions are not recommended for LDF furniture.

3. How to clean MDF kitchen furniture

MDF furniture is more demanding in terms of maintenance. Kitchen fronts are cleaned with a soft, slightly wet cloth, using water based cleaning products that do not scratch the surfaces. In the case of MDF, it should be borne in mind that never use a cleaning solution containing alcohol, chemical solvents, diluting gels, acetone or other similar substances.

4. Glass furniture

The glass parts of the kitchen furniture can be easily cleaned with a soft cloth and a glass cleaner. Remove them from dust and polish them, where necessary, so that the interior can be seen from the outside.

5. Do not forget the hidden areas

Kitchen furniture should be cleaned well both at the top, near the ceiling, and at the bottom of the floor. These areas are dust collectors and must be carefully vacuumed.

Remove kitchen utensils and plates from the buffet at least once a year and wipe the furniture inside, cleaning the shelves, drawers and all other internal spaces. Then clean the surfaces thoroughly to avoid liquid.

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