How To Clean Your Iron Soleplate Quickly & Efficiently

After many uses, the soleplate of the iron is loaded with lime and other residues, most of them formed by water and steam. These cause the laundry to be dirty while ironing. It is therefore important to quickly clean the iron. You can do this very easily by using the ingredients you already have in your home. Instead of buying another iron every time you put on your dirty soles, you’d better learn some simple tricks to help keep your machine clean.

No matter how trivial this advice may sound, it is essential to carefully read the instructions for using the iron and try to strictly follow them.

If you burn something while you are ironing, remove the iron from the socket and put a damp cloth on the burning area. The difference in temperature and moisture will help remove the burned bits on the sole of the iron.

Avoid using wire sponges or abrasive solutions to clean the soleplate, as you risk destroying its slippery outer layer.

To prevent limescale from entering the iron, use distilled water instead of tap water.

Empty the water tank after each use and wipe the iron to avoid the accumulation of deposits of minerals and rust.

Natural solutions to clean the iron

Vinegar to clean the iron

To clean the inside of the iron, prepare a solution of equal parts of water and vinegar. Fill the iron tank up to 1/3 of the capacity and start steam for 5-10 minutes or until all of the solution has evaporated. It is good to do this as close to an open glass as possible to avoid vapors with vinegar and impurities. Once the tank has been emptied, fill it to its full capacity with clean water (distilled) and restart the iron to remove any remaining mineral or vine deposits.

If you want to clean the soleplate, all you have to do is dip a cloth well into the vinegar and then turn on the iron and rub it on it. You can use earplugs to clean the holes where the steam comes out.

Sodium bicarbonate to clean the iron

Use the same method for cleaning the interior, but for the exterior, to clean the ironing foot, add a spoon or two of sodium bicarbonate to the cloth soaked in vinegar. If you do not have sodium bicarbonate, you can replace it with salt. It works just as well.

Toothpaste to clean the iron

Put a small amount of toothpaste (not gel) on a cloth and rub the affected areas thoroughly (make sure the iron is removed from the socket!), Then wipe the soleplate thoroughly. To make sure you have removed any toothpaste, including the steam removal holes, apply the internal cleaning method with vinegar.

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