How to clean plexiglass with homemade products

The plexiglass is a material commonly used in windows, granite and similar surfaces. It is very similar to glass, but lasts longer and has more flexibility, which reduces the risk of cracks and breakages. Many commercial glass cleaners are safe for use on plexiglass surfaces, but these items also have chemicals. Instead of them you can create your own cleaner with homemade products.

You need:
– a spray bottle
– water
– alcohol
– cleaning rags


– Mix equal portions of water and isopropyl alcohol in a spray bottle. Use the type of alcohol found in the shelf first aid your supermarket.
– Add about four drops of dish soap if you are cleaning an area with a lot of waste.
– Spray the mixture onto the surface of Plexiglas, creating a haze over the entire surface with a thin layer pulverized alcohol.
– Apply the cleaning solution with a dry lint-free cloth. Use large circular motions.

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