Homemade Powerful Carpet Solution For Heavy Cleaning

We all know how expensive it can get if you want to hire professional carpet cleaners. However, this is not the only solution possible. Fortunately, now you can clean your carpet by making your own DIY homemade carpet solution. This homemade carpet solution will prove to be quite amazing deep cleaning, especially if you find stubborn spots and stains. Moreover, you will see the amazing benefits of using this solution for cleaning high traffic areas. Thus, keep reading and check it out.

How to make your own DIY homemade carpet solution

Thus, if you need a stronger homemade carpet solution, you can get it with ammonia. However, make sure you tread carefully since ammonia can be quite harsh for your eyes or skin. So make sure you use gloves and protect your eyes. Without further ado, here are the main ingredients you need to prepare this cleaning solution:

– One tablespoon of detergent
– A quota cup of ammonia
– A quota cup of vinegar
– Three gallons of water

Now, check out the instruction for a proper carpet cleaning:

1. Combine the solution into a spray bottle

Thus, mix together all the ingredients into a small bowl and stir very well. Then, transfer it into the spray bottle. This is recommended because you will make sure that the ingredients would be already combined. Now, let’s proceed further with the cleaning and the proper steps you should make.

2. Check your solution on a carpet spot

That’s right. Even if this solution is adequate for most carpets, you should always check it on a spot first. This applies for any homemade solution. Thus, you will make sure you won’t damage your carpet and make things worse. How you can do the spot check:

– you can easily pick a hidden spot of your carpet, on a corner for example, where you know it will go under the furniture.
– spray the solution on several spots and wait for a day to see how the carpet reacts
– if everything is alright and if there is no discoloration, you should continue cleaning.

3. Here comes the heavy cleaning by spraying the mixture on the carpet

Now, to remove the stains, apply a thin layer of the mixture on them. Organize a little and divide the carpet into sections and clean one at a time, from the farthermost section and move towards the door.

4. Allow the solution to act by letting it soak in

Once the solution is on the carpet, you should wait for 15 minutes so that the solution can act. That way, you will also benefit from the absorption of odors.

5. It’s scrubbing time

Thus, when the solution finally soaked in, it’s scrubbing time. Using a stiff bristled brush, start scrubbing those stubborn stains from the carpet fibers. After you finished scrubbing, wait for another 30 minutes so the solution dries completely.

6. Finally, vacuum

That’s the last step, you should now vacuum your entire carpet, going over the scrubbed areas 3 times. That’s how you will make sure all debris, dirt, and other particles are completely eliminated.

As a conclusion, using homemade carpet solution and vacuuming regularly are the best ways to keep your carpet clean and properly cared for.

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