Homemade natural bleach

Stains on white clothes are inevitable, especially if you use makeup every day or if you have kids. In order to prepare this homemade bleach, environment and family safe, you need the following ingredients:

– 360 ml of hydrogen peroxide 3% concentration
– 120 ml of lemon juice
– 1 tablespoon of citric acid (the ingredient is optional, but if you want to get rid of hard water problem, it is advisable to use it in your mix)
– distilled water
– 10-30 drops of lemon essential oil

How to prepare:

1. Put hydrogen peroxide, lemon juice, citric acid and lemon essential oil in a plastic bottle (1/3 gallon). Shake the container until the citric acid is completely dissolved.

2. Add distilled water over previously prepared mix until you fill the plastic bottle.

You’ll get sparkle white clothes and you’ll get rid of germs in the house too, if you take into account these useful tips:

– If you face a stubborn stain, use a spray bottle and apply this natural bleach to the affected area, leaving it overnight. The next day, add 50 ml of bleach in the washing machine too;

– Use this natural bleach to get rid of germs and fungi from your kitchen countertop;

– This homemade product successfully replaces any window and mirror spray;

– Instead of toilet disinfectant, you can use a mixture of natural bleach and baking soda. Leave it on for 10 minutes, then rinse;

– 200 ml of this natural bleach helps you get rid of germs and debris accumulated in the dishwasher. So, use it during the washing cycle and you’ll see the results immediately.

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