Homemade lint ball remover

Anyone having a pet, especially a dog or a cat, knows what it means to choose the outfit and before leaving the house, to find that the clothes are full of fur. Dark fabrics are especially “sensitive” to fluff and lint.

Learn how to make your own homemade lint remover device, to get you out of trouble when you’re on the run and want to look fabulous!

To make a lint remover device, you simply need duct tape. If you have an old lint roller, in a few simple steps you can resolve the issue.

Take a piece of duct tape and wrap her over the wheel with the sticky side up. Your lint balls remover is now ready to use.

Instead of duct tape you can use plastic food wrap. Or, if you have a pumice stone and the piece of clothing you need to clean is made of rigid material, you can use it over the fluffy area and the result will be the same.

It’s easy to make your own lint remover, as everyone has on hand a piece of duct tape or a food wrap. When you’re in a hurry, this solution will not take you more than a few minutes, so use it with confidence.

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