Homemade leather cleaner

Make your leather furniture look brand-new with this eco-friendly leather cleaner. And this quick clean is a must do during the hot summer months.

Along with cleaning and organizing your home, keeping your leather furniture in great shape is a must once the weather starts getting warmer. Fresh Spring air and hot summer sun can cause cracks and dryness in your favorite leather furnishings, which doesn’t make for a happy house. Instead of spending money on expensive cleaners and cleansers, make your own with ingredients you have in your kitchen. Free of any chemicals, this eco-friendly cleaner does an awesome job at refreshing all your leather furnishings. And did we mention that it costs basically nothing to make?

You need: paper towels, 1/4 cup vinegar, 1/4 cup olive oil, 10 drops lemon or orange essential oil (optional), small bowl.
Mix all ingredients in a bowl and your leather cleaner is ready to use. Apply small amounts of this mixture on a paper towel an rub gently the leather areas you need to clean.

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