Homemade laundry booster

I have been using a scant quarter cup of regular baking soda as a laundry booster for years and it works great. I’m told it is because the sodium bicarbonate acts as a water softener to your wash water, allowing the detergent to work better. All I know is it does work.

Brighten dingy laundry with this homemade eco-friendly dry laundry booster. Instead of paying for commercial brands, you can easily make your own with basic ingredients found at any grocery store. And once you pick up the basic ingredients, each batch costs pennies to make. Keep your all-natural booster contained in a small jar so it is handy — and seriously potent — when you’re doing laundry.

What you need: 2 cups washing soda, 1/4 cup hydrogen peroxide, mixing bowl, fork and a small container.

Mix the ingredients in a mixing bowl using a fork and add the resulting powder in a small container. Your homemade laundry booster is now ready for job.

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