Homemade cleaning products VS commercial products – Advantages and disadvantages

Cleaning products may contain different combinations of acids, chemicals and natural enzymes that disinfect surfaces and dissolve dirt. Commercial cleaning items such as Ajax, Clorox and Lysol, are products used to clean different surfaces. The household cleaning products may also be able to disinfect and dissolve dirt, although they are fairly inexpensive compared to commercial products. When you decide if you will use a commercial cleaner or will prepare one at home, consider the advantages and disadvantages of both.

Advantages of household cleaning products
The household cleaning products contain no mysterious or hidden ingredients; when you prepare your own product, you can guarantee that does not contain toxic chemicals. For successful cleaning of certain areas of the home, with home products you have the chance to experiment and adjust the necessary solutions for better results. Most homemade cleaning solutions are prepared with sodium bicarbonate, water, vinegar, ammonia, borax or citric acid and all are safe for home and environment.

Disadvantages of household cleaning products
Preparing your own cleaning solutions require more effort than buying a product in the store. Lack of knowledge about chemical reactions can cause a disaster. For example, vinegar cleans well the porcelain, but destroys the marble.

Advantages of commercial cleaning products
Many commercial cleaning products contain effective ingredients that are hard to get. With a commercial product, you should not worry about using the wrong solution on a given surface, as the label explains the instructions to use it safely.

Disadvantages of commercial cleaning products
Although commercial cleaning products contain some basic ingredients such as citric acid and sodium bicarbonate, used in homemade solutions also contain ingredients that you’ve never heard of. These products may contain chemicals and acids that emanate toxic fumes and environmental impact and product safety are uncertain. You can buy “organic” or natural cleaning products, although it is likely that some of them contain hidden dubious chemicals.

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