The Most Efficient Traps to Get Rid of Gnats and Fruit Flies

Fruit flies are those nasty insects that once they invaded your home, they don’t ever want to leave it. Fortunately, you can get rid of them with products that you already have in the kitchen!

Fruit flies and gnats love the ripe and sweet fruits and vegetables, especially when they approach the fermentation stage. When we notice them in your house, it is obvious that they found a food source – the first step to get rid of fruit flies and gnats is to eliminate the food-problem.

Traps for fruit flies

There is no need to resort to insecticides to get rid of the nasty fruit flies that have invaded your home. You can drive them away with a few homemade traps. These are the most effective ones:

A very effective and easy to make trap is made by placing a bowl of vinegar in which you add a few drops of dishwashing liquid detergent with lemon fragrance. The vinegar-based solution will attract the fruit flies and they will drown.
Prepare a new solution every day in order to have a strong enough smell to attract the insects.

You can use beer to attract and asphyxiate the fruit flies. Fill a medium jar with 5-7 cm of beer and cover its mouth with food wrap, tied with a rubber band. Make a few holes in the food wrap large enough so flies can penetrate inside. Once inside, the insects will not be able to get out of the jar.

After using these methods to eliminate the fruit flies you will notice (a few days later) some new insects flying around the house. Most likely they are flies that were out of eggs that weren’t killed on the previous infestation.
In this case, repeat placing traps until fruit flies no longer occur.

Please share this info with others if you managed to remove gnats and fruit flies from your house.

Image Credits: Tucson, Image Credits: Grow Weed Easy

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