Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Ladybug Infestation In Your House

Are ladybugs harmful? This question pops up in our mind as soon as we witness this pest inside our home. The answer is no. Then why should we take steps to get rid of them? They might leave a yellow colored liquid (their blood) when they sense danger, which can stain your clothes, walls, hands, and seems stinky. Read this article to learn effective home remedies to get rid of ladybug infestation in your house.

1. Vacuum Cleaner

Once ladybug infestation dominates your house, the best way to fight them is a vacuum cleaner. Vacuum clean your indoors thoroughly. Immediately dispose of the vacuum bag.

2. Diatomaceous Earth

It is a natural pesticide. Spread some food grade diatomaceous earth in the places where you suspect ladybug infestation. This pesticide dehydrates ladybugs. It is very effective to get rid of those pests that need a lot of water.

3. Camphor and menthol spray

Camphor and menthol are most effective. Mix them in a spray bottle with little water and spray around the areas where the ladybugs hide. Since they are sensitive to strong odor, this remedy will drive them away, but not kill them.

4. Light traps

Light traps are used to trap ladybugs and remove them from the building. These pest gets attracted towards the light. You can use black light bulbs or incandescent light bulbs.

5. Boric acid

Sprinkle some boric acid powder around the affected areas. This will cause the ladybugs to run away without killing them.

6. Light color painted walls

Paint your walls with a dark color as ladybugs are more attracted towards the light and bright walls.

7. Citrus or citronella scent

Ladybugs can’t withstand strong smell. Take advantage of this and get rid of these pests by spraying citrus or citronella scent. Citronella has high vapor toxicity to insects. You could also use lemon-scented candles.

8. Bags of cloves

Place some bags of cloves or sprinkle some clove oil in the areas that are heavily infested. The ladybugs will evacuate the place quickly due to their smell.

9. Bay leaves

Keep small pouches of bay leaves in the infested areas to drive ladybugs out.

10. Ammonia

Soak a rag in ammonia and use it to wipe windows, doors, and other surfaces.

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