The Most Effective Grout Cleaner You’ll Ever Need

Ceramic tile is amazing-looking when you first install it. However, over time the grout lines are showing up more visible than ever, with their stains and darkness. Unsightly, am I right? Moreover, grout is also quite difficult to clean. Even more, we do not want to use harsh chemicals such as bleach because we want to keep a healthy environment. Thus, what should you do in this case? Well, the answer is in this article, keep reading and see my favorite, the most natural and effective DIY grout cleaner you will ever need.

First off, I should start with a disclaimer. This being said, you should keep in mind to always test it out first. Thus, before trying any technique, test to see if this method will lighten your grout. If it does, then it means that it should only be used on white/light grey grouts. Hence, do not attempt this on dark or colored grouts or you will alter the color!

Now, let’s see the supplies you will need for this to work tremendously flawless:

– baking soda
– Oxiclean
– peroxide
– lemon juice
– a grout cleaning brush (never use a toothbrush, I find out it is not as effective as it should be)

That’s it. Follow up with the instructions and I can assure you, your ceramic tile will look like new!

1. In a bucket, combine a small box of baking soda, 1 cup of Oxiclean, and 2 parts peroxide to one part lemon juice to make a thin paste.

2. Stir this thoroughly, mixing very well. Wear gloves to protect your hands because this is very drying to your skin.

3. Use a grout cleaning brush and apply the mixture to the grout only in a small section.

4. Scrub the mixture into the grout, taking care to not scrub all over the tiles. It won’t hurt the tiles if you get it on there, but it’s a big pain to scrub off the tile.

5. Allow the mixture to act for 30 minutes.

6. Then, use a steam wand to clean. Keep your paste thin, like a glue consistency and don’t apply too heavily for the best results.

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