DIY Degreasing Powder To Get Rid Of Oily Stains

When you are cooking a lot, your whole kitchen gets oily stains everywhere. You can notice them on the walls, on your countertops and maybe even on the floor. Not to mention, your stovetop must also be a complete mess. Thus, I needed something fast and highly effective because who has time to spend with cleaning? That’s how I came out with a great DIY degreasing powder I want to share with you. It has natural ingredients and it will do wonders for your kitchen cleaning. Thus, keep reading and see how you can make your own natural DIY degreasing powder to get rid of any oily stains. You can also use it on carpets or other areas that are getting greasy. Check it out!

First of all, for this DIY degreasing powder, you will need the following ingredients:

– old soap
– chalk powder
– baking soda

Easy peasy, right? Let’s see the instructions:

1. Grate or chop the soap into small pieces and then allow them to dry completely under the sun for a few hours. The need to get quite brittle and crumble in your hands.

2. After the soap had dried, you will need to make it into a powder. For this, I would recommend using a coffee grinder so you can grind all the soap into a fine powder. Also, make sure to seave the powder so you can see the remaining bits you should grind separately.

3. Then, you will need to mix the fine soap with the chalk powder. I haven’t mentioned the ratio because it depends on how much you want to make. However, the chalk and soap need to be roughly the same amount.

4. The final step would be to add the baking soda, just any regular one. This ingredient is the one that will make the final degreasing powder more caustic, thus improving it’s cleaning properties. You can add around 1 tbsp into the powder mix but if you need more, you can add up to two tbsp. This will be enough so you can benefit from this degreasing powder. Thus, mix everything together and store into a convenient container.

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