DIY: The Best Non-Toxic Window Cleaner

I am always trying different recipes to make an ideal homemade windows cleaner. Well, I finally made a break and find out the best one yet. This would be an all natural and non-toxic homemade glass cleaner which contains only two unexpected ingredients. They might sound weird but they actually clean amazingly well. For a long time, plain white vinegar was my go-to cleaner for mirrors and windows. However, vinegar was not so effective because I have sticky-fingered kids. Thus, this is something new that I thought you should try too. Keep reading and see how to make your own non-toxic homemade windows cleaner and you will see how much it is worth it.

The two strange ingredients that will make an amazing homemade windows cleaner are cornstarch and vodka. That’s right, weird, but highly effective. If you find vodka to be too complicated you can always substitute it with rubbing alcohol. I did that but honestly, I prefer the vodka properties and its efficiency as a cleaner.

Vodka can easily be a substitute for rubbing alcohol because it contains ethanol and water. However, rubbing alcohol is mostly isopropyl alcohol with water and additives. For me, these additives translate into other chemicals that are unknown. Thus, I prefer to go with vodka so that way I can make sure there are no unknown chemicals in my home.

Thus, it is time for you to get spotless windows with this homemade windows cleaner. Let’s see how you can make it:

1. Combine in a spray bottle:

– ¼ cups of a cheap vodka
– ¼ cups of white vinegar
– 1 Tbsp of cornstarch
– 2 cups of hot water

2. Shake well.

That’s right, you can make it in 1,2 steps. That’s all it takes. Now you can spray your windows generously with this cleaner and then wipe down with a cotton rag. Furthermore, for lint-free windows, you should finish off with one last wipe using a sheet of newspaper, the old technique. After using it, store the mixture in a cool dark place and then, don’t forget to shake it for future uses, so you can combine the ingredients again before each use.

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