Complete Guide For A Deep Inside-Out Car Wash

Hello! As spring is here, I decided to bring something new in my life along with season changing, so I bought a new car. This is quite an experience to start 2019th! After a few rides on the Bostonian streets, given the lately temperatures, my new car looked like it hasn’t been washed since last year. The raindrops leave an awful dust film behind, and if you don’t wash the car after each rainfall, the car body will look like an anthill.
I’ve picked my mother the other days and she was embarrassed hopping into my car, telling me that it looks exactly like a pile of manure.

If this situation is familiar to you, and if you want to retain car’s value by not ruining it from the first days, just maintain it clean with the help of some car cleaning hacks that I will present it in the following lines.
But, remember that these are not simple cleaning hacks! After following this cleaning program, your car will look impeccable with a showroom look.

Ingredients you need:

– warm water
– white vinegar
– baking soda
– toothpaste
– hair conditioner
– rubbing alcohol
– olive oil

Cleaning tools you’ll need:

– dryer sheets
– paper towels
– empty paper towel roll
– tape
– flat head screwdriver
– paintbrush
– toothbrush
– vacuum cleaner
– some micro fiber cloths
– empty spray container

Now, fellows, let’s start the car wash!

1. Simply, start with the car mats! I read about a cleaning trick which I tested and it works wonders. So, remove the car mats and smack them real good on the sidewalk for all the stuck dry mud to come out. Then put them in the dishwasher (yeah, it sounds crazy but it works) with a cleaning tablet and start a normal cycle.
2. While your car mats are splashed in the dishwasher, make your car shiny again.
In a bucket of tepid water add 2 full cups of hair conditioner, mix well and with the help of a microfiber cloth start washing your car thoroughly. Rinse with plenty of water and dry it with another microfiber cloth. This solution will give your car waxy shine!
3. Due to speed, bugs will stick on your car bumper, and sometimes they are hard to remove, but with the help of a dryer sheet, you’ll get rid of any stubborn insect stuck on the car.
4. The next step is applied only if you deal with headlight cloudiness. So, put on a damp microfiber cloth a dab of baking soda and 2 cm of whitening toothpaste. Now, start rubbing the entire headlight area. Remove the excess with another damp cloth.
5. Clean the windshield by removing any dirt build up as it follows:
– take a damp microfiber cloth and sprinkle some baking soda on it then smush the cloth to spread the baking soda powder over it – to be brief, a baking soda paste should form on the damp cloth.
– gently start rubbing the windshield with circular motions until you cover the entire surface of the windshield
– in spray bottle, mix equal parts of water and vinegar and spray over the windshield, let it a couple of minutes to react, and then remove the excess with another cloth until the windshield remains sparkling clean.
This trick can be used in the inside, too, especially if it’s a smoker’s car, because you’ll easily remove any nicotine build up.
6. As for the windshield wipers you can damp a microfiber cloth in rubbing alcohol and gently swipe down the wiper to remove any dirt build up.
7. Clean the vents and car board using the paintbrush after you’ve sprayed a fine layer of furniture polish, and insist between the vents where dust is harder to remove.
8. A genius hack which I personally use to clean the windowsill and frames (and other hard-to-reach places) is to attach to the end of the vacuum hose an empty paper towel roll, and start vacuuming those hard-to-reach areas such as the seat pockets.
9. A quick trick when it comes to clean the cup holder and crevices is to use a damp microfiber cloth on top of a screwdriver, and gently get into all the lines.
10. An extremely effective cleaning hack when it comes to upholstery cleaning is to use a toothbrush to loosen any schumtz stuck in the seams, and then use the vacuum to remove them.
11. Make your car board shine. You don’t need harsh chemicals for that, but with a few drops of olive oil spread on a paper towel you’ll do magic. Rub each inch of the dash with the olive oil paper towel, and then use a clean cloth to remove all the excess.

Don’t forget to take out the car mats from the dish washer and put them back in to your car.
Admit it! Your car looks amazing now!

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