How To Clean Your Fireplace Glass Properly

After a while, your fireplace glass might get too dirty. You can see that it gets a black film all over it, making it impossible to enjoy a pleasant evening by the fire. However, you shouldn’t let this sit there for long, it might get quite difficult to remove. Thus, get right on it while it is still fresh and easy to clean off. However, do not go straight for your wire brush or some harsh chemical solutions. You don’t need them because you have everything you need right by your fireplace. Keep reading and see how you can easily clean your fireplace glass in 5 steps with complete instructions.

1. First off, make sure it is safe

That’s right. You might be eager to start off cleaning right away but you need to be careful. Coal remains from your fireplace can actually last for up to 48 hours. Thus, before you begin the cleaning, make sure your fireplace has no smoldering ash.

2. Gather your supplies

Now that you assured you are safe, let’s proceed with the cleaning. For this, you will need to gather your supplies which are: a newspaper (preferably one that is traditionally black and white), just your regular tap water in a bowl, a spray bottle and some paper towels. Oh, and do not forget, your secret ingredient: ash straight from your fireplace. Weird but effective.

3. Start cleaning

Let’s start with the cleaning. Thus, fold your newspaper and then dip it in the water and then in the ash. Make sure you are just dumping the newspaper just to moisten it a bit. After this, you will need only a small amount of ash to stick to the wet newspaper.

4. Scrubbing time

Now that you have your damp newspaper with ash, gently scrub the fireplace glass from the inside. I would recommend doing the scrubbing in a circular motion because that’s how it will loosen the soot quicker. as you are scrubbing, you will notice that your newspaper will turn black and become dirty. That’s how you know you are cleaning it right and effectively. Now, it if is too dirty, discard it, and repeat again with a new piece of newspaper. You can do this until you see that mostly black soot is gone and your glass is looking pristine.

5. Finish up

To finish up the cleaning, spray some water on the glass and wipe off the remaining dirty bits with a paper towel. Hence, you should repeat this until you see no black residue on the paper towel. Lastly, don’t forget to dry the fireplace glass with a clean paper towel.

That’s all, sit back and enjoy your clean fireplace glass, it will look amazing in the night, while you’re having a nice glass of wine by the fire!

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