Baking Soda Paste To Remove Blood And Vegetable Stains From Plastic Cutting Boards

I read a bunch of articles about “how to clean wooden cutting boards” using all sort of cleaning hacks which I can say that I’ve tested and they are pretty effective. But, I have a set of 4 plastic cutting boards and they look pretty bad after using them for 1 year. I use these cutting boards to cut meat. They are full of stains and 2 of them caught a funny smell and I figure it out that using only dish detergent to clean them isn’t enough.
So, I call for the heavy cleaning artillery, and in a few minutes, all the bad onion and garlic odor disappeared along with the awful stains.

I honestly tell you that if this solution failed, I would’ve thrown my plastic cutting boards away, because was no use in using them again.

Well, if you are dealing with a stained plastic cutting board, just take a closer look over this article and try my super cleaning hack. Better said, my super stain remover!

So, you need:

– hydrogen peroxide
– baking soda
– dish detergent

  • Well, at first I used only hydrogen peroxide to clean and disinfect the cutting board by spraying over its surface a considerably amount of 3% hydrogen peroxide concentration and leaving it to act overnight. The next day, I washed the cutting board with plenty of dish soap and water and the stains were gone.
  • Another trick I used to clean the plastic cutting board was to prepare a paste of 3-4 tablespoons of baking soda with 1 tablespoon of dish detergent and 1-2 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide. You may add more baking soda if needed because the mixture should be easy spreadable. It must have the consistency of shaving foam.
  • After you’ve prepared the paste, spread it over the cutting board and leave it to act for 1 hour then rub the paste with a dish sponge and rinse it with plenty of water. You may give it another deep cleaning using only dish soap.

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