At-Home Leather Cleaning: How To Clean Timberland Boots Without Ruining Them

When I was a kid, my mom though that buying me a pair of Timberland boots will get me so trilled, but I hated those boots because they were originally created for workers, and I was a total diva. But, now in my 30s these boots are my favorite footwear due to the comfort they provide to your feet in the cold season. Of course, they turn out in being very popular and a must fashion item.
Although, in order to extend the life of these awesome boots, you must keep them clean. Due to the bright color they have, these boots catch scuff marks very easily, and the leather they are made of needs special care.
And for that, I will show you how to clean these amazing Timberland boots without ruining the leather completely.

Let’s start!

Step 1:

First of all you have to prepare these boots for cleaning by removing all dirt and debris. Otherwise, you won’t be able to clean it.
So, use a brush or a towel to remove all dirt particles including the ones from the soles. Most people avoid cleaning the bottom of the boots, but the soles may catch some dirt and gravel that has to be removed. Well, after removing all the dirt from the bottom of the boots prepare soapy water and give the soles a thoroughly clean.
Now, your Timberland shoes are ready for washing!

Step 2:

You need:
– eraser
– stale bread
– soft brush
– baby wipes
– cloth

So, brush well the entire surface of the leather boots to remove all the dirt, then take a cloth and give them another wipe.
Use the baby wipes to wipe down the boots then rub a slice of stale bread to remove any existing stains. At the end, use the eraser to wipe off scuff marks from the boots.
This method works wonders, but the next step is more effective.

Step 3:

You need:
– eraser
– cornmeal
– white vinegar
– clean cotton rag

In case your boots are full of stains this method is perfect!

Start by removing small spots from the surface with the eraser. Rub the stains gently in circular motions but don’t press hard because you might ruin the material.
The second step is to sprinkle cornmeal over the greasy and oil-based stains. Press lightly with your hands and let the cornmeal act for 5 minutes then brush it away with a soft brush.
Last step is to use a clean cotton rag and dab it into vinegar then apply it over the surface where stains are.
It’s advisable to give another gentle brush using a soft brush to remove minor dirt particles.

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