6 ways to remove bad refrigerator odor

No matter how well you cleaned and washed inside, your refrigerator smells unpleasant. Do not worry! Natural products will help if the commercial ones failed. Here are six tricks to try.

1. Baking soda
One of the most inexpensive and effective remedies against the refrigerator’s smell is sodium bicarbonate. You can use it to clean the inside of the refrigerator. Then, place an open baking soda container on one of the refrigerator’s shelves.

2. Vinegar
Vinegar does wonders against bad smells. Prepare a solution of vinegar and water and clean the refrigerator. Then, on one of the shelves keep an open bottle of vinegar. You can pour vinegar in other containers: a cup, a small glass bowl etc.

3. Coffee beans
To remove odor from the refrigerator, place freshly ground coffee into a container without a lid. Coffee will eliminate food odors. Coffee beans can remove many odors from your home, especially the smoke smell.

4. Lemon juice
Lemon juice removes the smell of fish and garlic. So use it with confidence! Squeeze lemon juice and store it on one of the shelves. You can use other citrus fruits like oranges or tangerines.

5. Spices
The spices are known for their extremely strong flavor and are used successfully to remove odors from the refrigerator, but also in your entire house. Cinnamon, cloves and allspice are among the most used ones.

6. Oats
A cup of oats stored on one of the refrigerator’s shelves will remove the bad smell.

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