6 Tips To Keep Slugs And Snails Out Of The House

Slugs and snails are quite a nuisance especially if you have indoor plants, they are damaging to them. As small as they are, they can totally ruin your entire garden. However, you are not safe even in your house, they can get in there, leaving their slimy signature. Thus, if you find one hidden in your house, you should know it is a serious problem you need to take care of immediately. And if you are ecologically-friendly, then let me tell you, there are several tips you can turn to. Thus, keep reading and see how to get rid of slugs and snails in your house.

Here you have them, 6 tips to keep slugs and snails out of your house:

1. The quickest and most efficient way would be to kill them. If you think you can handle it, a sharp stick is all you need. Using the sharp stick, you would need to poke into them and then drop them into a container filled with water.

2. You could also make a spray combining water and salt. This solution of salty water works mostly because it is coarse and it will basically squash them. That’s all there is.

3. Avoid having any type of plants around the doors in your house. They prefer this environment because they can hide under these plants causing an infestation in your house. Thus, place your plants as higher possible and always make sure to keep the soil well aerated.

4. Also, slugs and snails love a leafy plant, especially if these also have a slimy surface. The pests can invade your house through vents or through any gaps in old doors or windows. So it would be best to not place this type of plant around those areas.

5. Fill the gaps around any areas such as washing machines or under buckets.

6. You could also use copper tape. This is great because you can attach it to any shape or corners, as it is flexible enough. You could also use for your flowers pots and tubs to wrap it around them if you don’t want to give up on your favorite plants.

How does exactly the copper tape work? Well, it basically stops them from going further and catches them since it is very sticky. This is a good option because it won’t cause any harm to your children or pests.

Also, if you chose this option, make sure to wear gloves when you attach it where you need it because the metal edging might cut since it is very sharp.

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