6 Tips To Get A Cleaner Air In Your House

It causes allergies, asthma, sore throats, and many headaches when it comes to all-day cleanliness. Yeah, this is about that dust. Whether it comes from air, on the ground, from animals, pollen, dust always succeeds penetrating in our homes and especially during this time when we are tempted to air more. Here are some tips to apply if you want to breathe a cleaner air:

1. Vacuum regularly!

It is the most popular and easy method of removing persistent dust, especially when it comes to the corners of the house. Vacuum behind the furniture, under the bed and in the corners of the rooms, where a lot of dust is collected using a small brush, without forgetting the walls and the corners of the ceiling where spider webs are formed. Vacuum at least once a week to keep the house clean!

2. Keep the order!

A house where there is mess will always be dusty. Put things and objects in their place and do not keep them on the surface to collect dust! It is good to have a home as airy as it is much easier to clean the dust when the surfaces are free. Alternatively, you can use the various storage boxes that you can find in the furniture stores, but also in the bags that remove the air with the vacuum cleaner. In this way, the space that clothes that are not adapted to the season will be much smaller.

3. Carpet, the dust magnet

Carpets are beautiful, fluffy, warm, give color to the house, but they are true “bombs” of dust. If you opt for a carpet in the house, choose a thin middle carpet that can be easily removed and cleaned much faster and more efficiently than a large and fluffy one that hides a lot of dust and mites to remove. In the case of curtains, they can be replaced with blinds. The same goes for the carpet. Hard to clean, it will be a permanent dust depot.

4. Remove dust frequently!

One thing is certain: the dust is immediately put into place! Although there are many traditional solutions, the most effective one is that of the antistatic spray for dust, which delays its so rapid recovery. Uses the spray at least once a week, along with a soft cloth but not a synthetic cloth – it just makes the dust slip easily on the furniture surface without removing it.

5. Get rid of microbes!

After you assure you have fully vacuumed, wash your feet to remove the microbes. Caution: Do not use the parquet floor cleaning solution, it will remain traces or risk spoiling it. Sweep from one end to the other with a cotton or sponge mop and let it dry. Then clean the mop and bucket very well.

6. The enemies from your bed

Change the bedding, wash it at high temperatures, but you can not change the mattress as often. Have you wondered how many microbes and dust are hiding in it? When you change it, vacuum the mattress very well! Being harder to clean, it is advisable to put it in a special pouch or nylon strip that protects better against dust. It works the same way for the sofa in the living room, vacuuming periodically above and below it, and then covering it with a synthetic cloth!

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