6 things you shouldn’t keep in the bathroom

List of items that shouldn’t be kept in the bathroom is quite long. We present below the most important 6 household objects that shouldn’t be kept in the bathroom:

1. Cosmetics

It is recommended that cosmetics to be stored at room temperature. Nail polish, eye shadows, foundation and mascara need to be kept in a cool, well-ventilated place. If you keep them in the bathroom, they will deteriorate more quickly due to sudden temperature changes and due to hot steam.

2. Drugs

We know that many of you have installed a drugs locker in the bathroom. All pills, ointments and medicated solution must be kept at a constant temperature, and heat and moisture from the bath changes their properties.

3. Electronics

Electronic scale or radio does not belong in the bathroom. Neither your smart phone, even if you like to listen to music while you relax with a hot bath. Steam will destroy any electronic device of great finesse.

4. Electric shavers

Keep the blades or electric shavers outside the bathroom. Because of moisture, they will blunt before you’ll use them.

5. Jewels

Maybe you used to take off your rings and earrings in the bathroom before entering the shower, but do not leave them there. Moisture fades their glare and heat can damage the glue that precious stones were fixed with. Pearls will suffer most if they are kept in the bathroom.

6. Wet towels

Bring towels to dry after you’ve used them, especially if your bathroom is not too well ventilated. Wet towels promote mold growth and they begin to stink in a few days.

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