6 Simple Steps to Get Rid of Ants in The Kitchen

Whatever the season, you always have ants in the house? It’s time to take action. This means that ants made their nest in your home. Follow these steps to remove them quickly.

Step 1: Get rid of crumbs and spilled water

The first thing you need to do is determine the path ants get in your house. Then hide all the foods that attract ants. Do not let spilled water on the table or in the sink. Always clean the table after eating and vacuum.

Step 2: Put the trash bin as far away from your home entrance

Many people keep the garbage bin in the house (usually under the sink). This is very dangerous, both in terms of microbes and insects. Never leave garbage in the house, put it as far as possible from your home entrance.

Step 3: Wrap food packages

When you open a bag of flour, semolina, corn, etc., seal the package with food wrap. You’ll stop the annoying ants (and other insects) to invade your pantry.

Step 4: Plug the holes

If you realize that ants get inside through some holes, it’s best to fix them quickly. Silicone is the less toxic solution.

Step 5: Spread chili powder

If you have small children at home, make sure you do not use toxic substances. You can get rid of ants with natural insecticides: chili powder.
Dried mint leaves are very effective too. Spread these “ingredients” around the entry paths in your home. Ants will detect smell and will stay away.

Step 6: Homemade natural insecticides

Here are 2 recipes that can keep ants away from your home:

– Pour one teaspoonful of boric acid in 75 ml of honey and heat until boric acid dissolves. Mix this solution with an equal amount of water. Sprinkle this concoction on the areas where you see ants.

– Put water and a few orange peels in the blender and spray the resulted solution on the areas you spotted ants.

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