4 Tips For Protecting Your House Against Termites And How To Avoid Infestation

Termites are among the most damaging insects that can build their nest in your home, being more dangerous than moths. That is why, in the following lines, I will give you some tips to protect your house against termites and I will show you how to get rid of them if they invade your home.

Termites – the unseen enemy

In order to convince you that the termites are a true enemy to guard against, you must know that these insects feed on everything that comes out in their way, but they adore wood the most. So, if your home was invaded by termites, your furniture will undoubtedly suffer. Also, if the structure of your house is made of wood, it will certainly be attacked by these terrible insects.

The second case, where your home has a wooden structure, involves taking all the measures from an early stage, which means that the wood has to be treated with certain chemical solutions. They are specially designed to protect wood, so they will be applied both in the foundation components and in the areas where insect pests can occur.

Spring is the season in which nature, and insects, are back to life, so this is the right time to do a little inspection in and around the house if you live in the countryside. The wooden structures in the house, as well as those in the garden, will be carefully studied to ensure that the termites have not appeared.

As with mites, in order to keep the insects away from home, it is important to maintain cleanliness. Scraps of food, crumbs, accumulated dirt, excessive dust, and dampness are the ones that create optimal conditions for the appearance and development of termites.

The furniture – a prey for termites

As mentioned in the beginning, furniture can also be greatly affected by the presence of harmful termites. To avoid this happening, in the following line I will give you some tips to follow:

1. When purchasing the furniture, make sure that the wooden furniture has been created by pressing the boards and pretreated wood with a special substance based on sodium borate, the substance whose role is to protect wood against termites.

2. For furniture not to be attacked by these insects, it is important that each home maintains an optimum level of humidity, moisture, and dust being two of the most important factors favoring the emergence and development of termites.

3. In commerce, there are products specially designed for the maintenance of furniture objects and for their protection against harmful insects, so do not hesitate to use it whenever necessary.

4. Take great care if you have old furniture because they are more prone to attacks from annoying insects. Also, old furniture can also be difficult in terms of using chemicals to protect against termites, so do not hesitate to ask the opinion of a specialist.

5. There are measures that can be taken to prevent the danger of termite infestation in your home. Removing moisture factors and supply sources for termites from the major structural parts of your property will reduce the risk of termites penetrating and eating the entire building. Termites are naturally attracted to moisture and wet habitats because they need water to survive. So, be vigilant in keeping things dry, and this means:

– repair of water leakage pipes, taps, and air conditioners;
– removing water sources near the foundation of the house;
– regular maintenance of gutters and troughs so that they do not clog and maintain water, especially the rain;
– removing water, such as water from the roof;

In this way, following the advice I have presented earlier, you can fully protect your home from the invasion of these so upsetting insects.

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