30 Minutes Method To Remove Burnt On Food And Grease From Oven Racks

Last weekend I’ve baked some delicious honey glazed pork ribs, and when I’ve opened up the oven to place them in, I made eye contact with the oven racks which were incredibly sticky and greasy.
But, before putting my pork ribs tray on that greasy rack, I decided to clean the grease, grime and bake-on food from it.

Success was granted in less than 30 minutes, but I used the scrubbing power of my husband, otherwise I had to wait for another day. Why? Because the following cleaning hack can remove any trace of grease if you leave the oven rack in the solution, overnight.

So, before action, you must stage right, and get the right tools and ingredients:

– dryer sheets
– Dawn dish soap
– baking soda
– tin foil
– scrub brush

First step:
Remove the rack from the oven.

Second step:

Fill the bathtub with hot water and squirt a considerable amount of Dawn dish soap in it, and then add 2 cups of baking soda.

Third step:

Just put a lot of dryer sheets in the bathtub and you’ll see how all that grease will lift on the surface.

Fourth step:

Let it soak for 15 minutes because the dryer sheets will help grease and grime to separate from the racks, then start the harsh rubbing process using the brush, toothbrush, or wire sponge, anything that will make grease easier to remove. In other conditions, you may use the same solution and leave the oven rack to soak overnight. In this case, after removing them from the bathtub, use tin foil to remove all that grease. Scrunch a ball of tin foil and rub intensively the whole surface of the oven racks. Tin foil won’t scratch them and the grease will be more easily removed.

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