3 quick solutions to get rid of grease and oil stains out of clothes

You just stained your favorite blouse, your apron or the tablecloth with grease or oil? We found the solutions in question. Here’s how to quickly get rid of oil and grease stains that have ruined your day.

1. Use baking soda, starch, flour or talcum powder. Apply the powder directly over the stain and leave it on for 5-10 minutes to absorb the fat. Remove remaining powder with a brush or simply shake the material. Apply a little stain removing liquid detergent on the same area and let it act for another 5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. If the stain has not disappeared completely, repeat the process.

2. If you have white chalk in your house, use it with confidence. Use chalk to cover all the stained area and leave it on for at least 5 minutes. After that, put the stained material directly into the washing machine. You can use this trick to get rid of the most common dirt stains from clothing (such as those in the elbows, wrists and collar).

3. Apply dishwashing detergent directly on the stain. If you use colored dishwashing detergent, be sure to dilute it with water before applying it on the fabric. Leave the detergent to act for 2-3 minutes and rub the stained area with a brush. Prepare a mixture of two-thirds water and one-third vinegar and rinse the fabric with this solution. Finally, put the stained fabric in the washing machine.

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