17 Natural Solutions To Get Rid Of Flies

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As soon as the warm season comes, flies also start appearing. They represent a real danger to our health because they transmit many diseases and have the habit of invading our personal space. Before going to the store and buying sprays or insect traps, it is recommended to try some natural remedies. They are, in most cases, as effective and, in addition, they are not toxic. Look what you have to do!

Here are some natural solutions that can help you get rid of flies:

1. Lemon – Cut four slices of lemon, put them for an hour to boil in 250 ml of water. Add water when needed, cool the solution, filter it and spray it into the rooms.

2. Basil – Put basil bouquets in front of the windows or buy pots with basil to place them on the window sill. You can also try other aromatic plants like rosemary or wormwood.

3. Essential oils – Lavender oils, eucalyptus, mint or lemon oils can be mixed with water, and the solution formed – sprayed in the rooms. The smell will remove the flies and prevent them from appearing.

4. Vinegar – To get rid of the flies in the kitchen, put a few drops of vinegar on a hob or hot tray. The odor will remove the flies from the room.

5. Cucumber – Put a few cucumber slices next to the trash to prevent the flies from laying eggs. Cucumber slices remove the flies from the room if placed in a bowl and allowed to work overnight.

6. White wine – Mix in a little bowl of white wine with dishwashing detergent and leave the container on the table. Flies will be attracted to the fruity smell and drown in solution.

7. Cinnamon – The flies do not bear the smell of cinnamon, so you can make a solution of a spoon of cinnamon and a liter of water that you spray into the room. You can leave the cinnamon powder in a bowl on the table or use cinnamon sticks.

8. Walnut leaves – Put a few walnut leaves in a glass or stainless steel bowl and fire them. Walk in every room of the house and let the smoke spread. It will flavor the rooms, but it will also scare away the insects because of the high concentration of iodine. If you do not want to fire them, put the leaves in a bowl and leave them in the rooms of your house, it will have the same effect.

9. Aromatic Plants – Plant in some pots the following plants: thyme, basil or dill at put them at the window. Flies do not like the smell of these aromatic plants.

10. Essential oils – Put a few drops of essential oil of mint, cedar, eucalyptus in the aromatherapy lamp. Flavors will keep the flies away from your home.

11. Geraniums – Put some pots with this plant at the windows of your house. These, besides being very beautiful, keep the insects away.

12. Lavender – Lavender has a very pleasant and soothing smell but kept in the bouquets by a glass in the sun, it will prevent the insects from entering the house.

13. Mint – Both flies and mosquitoes do not bear the mint smell. So buy one or two mint pots and put them on the sill of the rooms in your home.

14. Rosemary – Keep the plant in the kitchen and it will scare away the flies. If you put the rosemary in pots, you will not have flies.

15. Garlic – Slice a few garlic cloves and put them in a bowl. Place the container on the bedside bed, or, if you smell it, keep it on the table. You will not have flies in that room.

16. Catnip – This plant, also known as mint-cats, keeps the flies away from the essential oil it eats. It seems that this plant is stronger than any spray you might find in the market.

17. Cloves – Put cloves in a bowl and leave the spice to act in the bedroom for several days. You can also spray in the air an aromatic solution of essential oil of cloves, lemon juice, and water.

Easy recipe for the best homemade flies repellent

Ingredients: 250 ml of grain alcohol (you can find it in the supermarket or in the shops selling herbal products) or vodka, 30 drops of essential oils – lavender, lemon, eucalyptus, tea tree, rosemary), a spray container. If you do not want to use alcohol, you can replace it with vegetable oil (olive oil is the most recommended). If you opt for this option, you need two teaspoons of oil. The last ingredient is a teaspoon of aloe vera gel or aloe vera leaf juice.

Preparation: Mix the ingredients thoroughly and pour the resulting solution into a spray bottle.

Directions: Spray the solution on the skin in the evening, before bedtime, or before leaving the house, avoiding contact with your eyes.

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