15 Clever Ways To Use Toothpaste Other Than Brushing Your Teeth

You may believe it or not, but toothpaste isn’t only for teeth. It’s texture and cleaning abilities are actually good for a variety of things around your household. Here are 15 things you can use toothpaste for other than brushing your teeth.

1. Stains on Wood Surfaces

Rubbing a wooden surface gently with toothpaste will get rid of stains. This works especially with water stains.

2. Get Your Nails Clean

Leaving toothpaste on your nails for a few minutes before washing them clean will get rid of dirt and stains. This is great for those stubborn dark nail polish color stains.

3. Get Rid of Stains on Your Mug

Those stubborn coffee, tea and lipstick stains on your mugs are no match for toothpaste.

4. Clean Your Car Headlights

The chemicals in toothpaste will make your car headlights shine like new.

5. Unscratch Your Cell Phone Screen

Put some toothpaste on a cloth and rub it over cell phone scratches to smooth out scuffs.

6. Clean Up Spilled Makeup

Spilled makeup can stain, but with some toothpaste, it will come right off your countertops.

7. Shine Silver

Use a small amount of toothpaste on your toothbrush to shine your silver.

8. Get Rid of Bruises Faster

Rub a mix of toothpaste and lotion on your bruises before you go to bed to get rid of them faster.

9. Clean Your Iron

Get those burn marks off your iron with some toothpaste.

10. Make Your Shoes White Again

Toothpaste is perfect for making the white soles of your shoes bright again.

11. Clean Faucets and Fixtures

Rubbing some toothpaste on your faucets with a wet sponge will clean away all the buildup on your faucets.

12. Brighten Piano Keys

Brighten up your grubby piano keys with a little bit of toothpaste on a wet cloth.

13. Dry Up a Zit

Cover your zits with a dab of toothpaste before you go to bed. It will be gone in the morning.

14. Permanent Marker Stains

Toothpaste can also get out permanent marker stains, especially on wood.

15. Remove Clothing Stains

Lipstick, tomato sauce or grass? No problem! Gently rub a little bit of toothpaste on your clothing or tablecloth stain and let it sit for a short period before you wash it off. Make sure you’re not using whitening toothpaste. This could bleach your clothes.

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