13 Natural Tips To Remove Stains From A Leather Sofa

When you clean tapestry sofa, everything is easier. Let’s be honest, mostly because you have a spare hose solution. However, the leather sofa looks harder to maintain. And it is! For better and longer-lasting maintenance, the leather sofa needs a few conditions. For example, it should be placed away from heat sources such as stoves or radiators. Also, you should avoid placing them stuck on the wall. It is not advisable to place the leather sofa under direct sunlight as it causes skin discoloration. So many rules, am I right? Well, there are even more. Keep reading and you will see the best 13 tips to remove stains from a leather sofa. Maintaining will never be easier than this.

The leather sofa is a beautiful, elegant and comfortable piece of furniture. However, it attracts dust and dirt, which needs to be cleaned frequently. Waiting will just make it worse. The dust will be deposited in its frames and this is one of the great enemies for your leather sofa. Don’t stress it, though.

Here’s how to clean the dust on your leather sofa

1. Wipe the leather sofa with a soft cloth slightly moistened with cold water. This way, you will remove the traces of dust and perspiration. But don’t get comfortable, this operation should be done once a week.

2. Use specially designed products to care for your leather upholstery. You should remove the dirt in depth and leave the couch perfectly clean. These products can be found in the form of a spray or concentrate that is mixed with a little water.

3. Do not use any cleaning product for the leather sofa, some may contain agents that damage the fabric, causing it to crack and causing cracks. So make sure to read the prospect carefully.

4. There are special products that nourish the leather and keep it soft, preventing the appearance of cracks.

How to remove stains from a leather sofa

5. You should wipe the stains as soon as they appear. This is the first and most important secret. Start with a cloth dampened with cold water. Then apply a little sodium bicarbonate directly to the stain.

Food stains can be removed using a solution consisting of a white vinegar part and a flax oil part. Mix well the two ingredients, apply them on a cotton cloth and wipe through the circular movements, the stained area.

6. Dark stains can be removed if they are wiped with lemon juice mixed with sodium bicarbonate. Apply the paste formed directly on the stain, wait for 10 minutes, then remove it with a damp cloth.

7. Ink stains may also be removed from the leather sofa if the area is immediately wiped off with a cotton swab moistened with medicinal alcohol. Immediately after this procedure, dry with a soft cloth by buffing and anoint with a face cream.

8. The stains such as chewing gum or other dry food stains are scraped off with ice cubes wrapped in a piece of gauze.

8. Pencil marks are removed with medicinal alcohol or cosmetic cleanser.

10. Importantly, the natural leather sofa should be hydrated with the manufacturer’s recommended solutions, depending on the type of leather you have, its color and the type of paint it was made of. Another solution is to use moisturizing body lotion or baby oil. Whatever you use, however, it is recommended to try the product on a small, slightly exposed surface to test the skin’s resistance.

11. Do not use alkaline skin cleansers. The category includes wet napkins for babies that many tend to use. If you do, however, use a soft and dry cloth immediately.

12. You should wipe very well the sweat stains with distilled water. However, it is recommended to use distilled water to prevent stains left by minerals in the water.

13. A good solution for emergency situations is liquid soap mixed with distilled water. The leather sofa should be wiped well, following with a soft and dry cloth.

These are the most consistent natural tips to remove the stains from your leather sofa. You should consider them as a guideline, according to your sofa. Keep it clean!

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