11 Hotel Housekeeping Tricks To Do A Complete Christmas Cleaning

Because the Christmas holidays are coming soon and you definitely have to do a complete cleaning, use the tricks of the hotel maids to ease your work. The hotel maids know a lot of cleaning tricks, and I will reveal them to you too. By the nature of their job, maids are struggling with all sorts of situations where a thorough cleaning is required in a very short time, so they are best able to advise on house cleaning. So, check out these secrets of cleanliness taken from the hotel industry! You really need to find out! Come on, let’s see how to do a complete Christmas cleaning!

1. First of all, get the mess

It is preferable to first tighten the clutter from a room to begin cleaning from scratch. So, empty the garbage bin first, tighten the linen on the beds, the towels and all the objects or debris left behind. In the bathroom, climb and remove towels, bath mats, bottles, and all objects on the shelves or on the toilet bowl. By doing so, you avoid the risk of overlooking certain spots, ease your cleaning work, and prevent the surfaces from being cleaned.

2. Choose microfibers, but do not limit yourself to them

To remove dust quickly and efficiently, you need a proper cloth. Microfibre cloths are the best, but there is no problem, even if you do not have one, you can use a 100% cotton cloth. Be careful to avoid polyester towels because they leave lint and even encourage dust deposition.

3. The secret of fast bed layout is the use of labels as landmarks

Laying the bedding on a nuptial bed takes some time: no matter which corner you start, it often happens to hang the blanket by mistake on the width of the mattress, in which case you have to take it from the end. The secret is to follow the labels, which must always be down. On the 265 x 240 sheets, the labels are always on the left. At 230 x 240, the labels are on the right. You also need to mark the inner stitches with a mark to differentiate the right corners to the left.

4. Between the cleaners, shake the drapes and curtains well

Dust particles continue to circulate through the room after dust removal. The best way to remove dust from curtains and curtains is to shake them well with a towel. The drawer extension of the vacuum cleaner does not do as good a job, the simplest is the towel method. So the dust is collected on the floor, from where it can easily be sucked.

5. Vacuum always before using the mop

Always vacuum or sweep the surfaces before mopping. Doing so, you will avoid having wet hairs on the floor that are very hard to remove. When you begin to mop, you should always start from the far corner of the room and steps forward toward the wall with the door.

6. Leave the bathroom cleaning for the end

It is best to start cleaning the bedroom to reduce the risk of contamination of the surfaces.

7. Let the cleaning products act before you put them on

Maximize the power of detergents. Always let the detergents act for a few minutes on the tile surfaces and enamel surfaces in the bathroom. During this time you can wash mirrors, windows, medicine cabinet and other bathroom items. Then go back to wiping the surfaces treated with detergent, dirt is getting out much easier this way.

8. Use the vacuum cleaner differently

Probably your mother or grandmother has taught you to start from the farthest corner of the room and to climb from one end to the other to the outside. Another more effective method would be to squeeze into the inside of the room to insist on the intensely circulated areas.

9. The most effective degreasing agent is vinegar

Perhaps you would expect a sophisticated detergent, but their secret weapon is actually the white vinegar solution with water. It cleans efficiently and removes residue traces left by other detergents. The recommended concentration is a portion of vinegar to three parts of water.

10. Have a toothbrush at your fingertips

You do not have to brush every inch of the camera, but it’s good to step in from time to time with a small brush, like a toothbrush. The maids use some small brushes to slip easily between the narrow spaces in the bathroom. The most difficult to clean are the screws behind the toilet bowl.

11. Keep the utensils for cleaning at hand

The maids have always handy tools, well organized in special trolleys. You can also apply the same method: put all the brushes and detergents in a plastic bucket. A trolley can save you much effort and can help you gain time. Keep such a mobile thing in your home.

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