10 Household Cleaning Hacks For Dawn Dish Soap That Will Literally Save Your Time

Hey, hey! It’s the cleaning maniac again and this time I will tell you how Dawn Dish Soap works wonders in other cleaning areas than the one it’s designed for.
This new century thought us that the more expensive a product is the better, but I will show you the opposite, because some inexpensive products, such as Dawn dish soap, can to any the job of some expensive products way much better.

Of course, I’m referring to Dawn Ultra, the blue dish soap, because you can find all over the internet as a compound in many cleaning hacks, and after trying each one of them, I said: this is it! I have to create a list of all the cleaning hacks Dawn dish soap is involved in, because its effectiveness leaves your house spotless.

1. S.O.S. Shampoo
Yeah, you’ve read that well and I’m sending this message to all the mommies out there. If your kid accidently put something greasy in his hair or gum, you can successfully use Dawn dish soap to clean it. Put a drop of Dawn dish soap between your fingertips and rub that sticky something from your kid’s hair. Then use a comb to remove that sticky residue.

2. Clean outdoor furniture
The outdoor furniture will get a nasty look over time, especially if it’s made of plastic. But, for a deep clean, you can mix Dawn dish soap with some warm water and wipe dirt and grime down. At the end, rinse the furniture with plenty of water, and that’s all!

3. Unclog the toilet
This happens in every American’s house, but you don’t have to call for a plumber or use harsh chemicals. But, if you pour 1 cup of Dawn dish soap in the toilet and let it act for 15-20 minutes, and then pour 4 gallons of hot water over it, the magic flush will happen.

4. Clean the grease on the driveway
Yeah, another curious trick! In case you spilled grease, including engine oil, on the driveway, garage or pathway, use a concentrated mixture of warm water and Dawn dish soap and rub the spilled grease. You can use an old broom for that or a harsh brush.

5. Defog your glasses
I’m a four-eye since childhood and it is a real struggle during the cold season to enter any room, because you’ll get blind in seconds. But Dawn dish soap will help you if you rub your lenses with a drop of the blue dish soap, and then wipe them clean. The film left behind will prevent your glasses from fogging.

6. Homemade Windex
Cleaning the windows won’t be such a nuisance if you prepare a solution made from 3 parts water, 1 part vinegar and 2 drops of Dawn dish soap, all mixed in a spray bottle. This will be your favorite window cleaner!

7. Door lubricant
Squeaky doors won’t be a trouble anymore if you use a drop of Dawn dish soap to lubricate them. Of course, oil will do it too, but the blue power of Dawn dish soap works wonders.

8. Grill cleaner
You need a zipper bag in which to put the greasy grill racks. Then, add 1 gallon of water and half a cup of Dawn dish soap, and let the mixture act overnight. The next day job is to scrub a bit the grills with a wire brush and give the grill racks a rinse.

9. Remove oil-based stains
Lipstick, grease, butter, motor oil, cooking oil, and so on oil based stains can simply be removed if you apply some Dawn dish soap directly to the stain and scrub with a toothbrush until the stain is gone.

10. Bathtub and shower cleaner
Fill half a spray bottle with vinegar and heat it a bit in the microwave, and then fill the rest of it with Dawn dish soap. Put the lid on and shake it well. Spray this solution all over the tub and shower walls, let it act for a few minutes and then rinse with plenty of water.

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